Here’s how you leverage the plastic ban and become change makers

by Baskar Cokkalingam on Dec 05, 2023

Here’s how you leverage the plastic ban and become change makers

The rising tide of plastic pollution has urged the UK government to ban single use plastics from October 1, 2023. Single use plastics have infiltrated our day to day lives as we use it for many purposes. But its production demands a substantial amount of extraction and processing of fossil fuels and more importantly when used to serve food it tends to leech its chemicals in the food. But the question remains, if these plastics that are used by millions to serve food then what will they now turn to?

We at Ecogreenware have got your back. Here’s a sustainable cutlery that proves to be a powerful alternative to conventional single-use plastic utensils. Sustainability and eco-conscious living has been in our brand’s DNA since its inception. We proudly do so by crafting and selling exquisite palm leaf plates that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are super safe to the environment and us humans.

These palm leaf plates are not only a sustainable alternative but also a part of heritage that comes from South and Southeast Asia. We embrace and value the age-old tradition and benefits of eating from a palm leaf plate. Traditional craftsmanship techniques of making these plates from Areca palm leaves gives you a unique dining experience. It promises to be a sheer example of durability, aesthetics and a deep respect for the planet.

These plates are not only sustainable in their nature but are also produced by craftsmen in South India making it authentic, and also provides a livelihood to these local artisans. Our palm leaf plates stand the test of circular economy as it is made out of naturally shed leaves of the Areca palm trees. No trees are cut or harmed in the process of making this cutlery of elegance.  

In terms of design and durability, our palm plates are versatile. They reflect a juxtaposed quality of elegance and strength. They are available in various shapes and sizes such as round, square, rectangle, triangle (best pizza plates), and much more. We do have an array of options to choose from with respect to sizes, shapes, functionality (plates, bowls, serving trays, parted-plates). Your Sunday roast, fish and chips, bangers and mash, yorkshire pudding and much more would absolutely look aesthetically pleasing on our plates.

When you use a sustainable alternative for serving food, you are also contributing to the circular economy because palm leaf plates are completely compostable and biodegradable. You become a part of making change on a micro level whose ripple effect creates waves. Choose palm leaf as an alternative to single use plastics and make a tangible difference in our fight against plastic pollution and climate change.