Paper Straws

£3.50 exc Tax

Pack of 100 pieces

  • Premium quality biodegradable and composable food-grade paper straws made of environmentally friendly materials and food safe ink. They are an ideal alternative to the plastic straws out there damaging the environment.
  • 100 pcs creative paper straws with colorful patterns. Perfect for cups with tropical colors and add a lively pop of color for your party and life.
  • The paper straw is 19.6 cm in length, and 0.6cm in diameter. Fit perfectly in beverage cans, wine tumblers, party cups,etc. And the drinking straws can hold up great and will not go soggy or melt in liquid for an extended period of time. They are perfect for daily drinkings, such as juices, shakes, iced coffee etc.
  • Due to the paper material used in the straw, we suggest that these straws be used in drinks below 104℉ to help in keeping the straw intact for longer use and enjoyment. Besides, it should be also paid attention that alcoholic beverages may affect these straws and reduce their life-span and durability, so please reduce the use of straws if you use it as an alcoholic drinking straw or mixing stick.
  • Biodegradable and Composable – chuck it into your compost bin after the party


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