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Palm leaf plate is made from a single leaf / sheath, the leaves are from the areca palm tree which are naturally fallen, collected by our Indian farmers and transported to the manufacturing unit. Here the Sturdy palm leaves are soaked and washed in a closed- water cycle and the leather-like leaf is left in a steam press and moulded to the desired shape. The edges are trimmed for smooth finish and cleaned with cloth to wipe out the dust before packaging.

Palm leaves are handpicked from the ground in the Areca Palm Plantations which has 100s of trees and each leaf is different, which means Each plate or bowl has its own unique look. Usually in beige or brown colour, this is the natural colour of the dried palm leaf.

The plates have the smell of dried palm leaves, which have a mild woody scent. All our tableware are packaged after pre-washing and treated with heat. Also we don’t use any chemicals on the leaves so it is safe to use directly from the packaging.  It is safe for food consumption.

We have tested the leaf plates in the microwave at 800W upto 2 minutes and they have held shape, so we can safely say it is good to go in the microwave for a quick warming. Areca palm plates are fridge and freezer safe too.

Palm leaf plates and bowls are made for one-time use, however we have heard from our customers who have reused them. The products can be washed thoroughly and dried to be reused. They are sturdy and it makes them too hard to throw away after one use.  After your parties, stack away the unused plates in an airtight container, to prevent the plates from absorbing the moisture from air. 

Our plates are made from a single sheath of palm leaf. At our manufacturing unit, we have quite a variety of heating molds and keep introducing new molds as per market demands. Our shapes are varied from Squares, Rectangles, Hexagons, Round, Oval.. From dinner plates to platter / pizza plates, serving bowls to soup bowls, we are aiming to provide as per the customer satisfaction for their food serving needs.

Wash or clear the used Palm plates and break them into two pieces and leave them in the compost bin. It becomes compost within 90days. After that it can be used as compost for kitchen garden.

Plates are made from palm trees indigenous to India. This means when you buy our earthly plates, you’re playing your part in helping to provide jobs and sustenance for some of the cottage industry based communities in the world.

Our manufacturing process of Palm leaf plates is dedicated to care for the environment, as every little help counts.  No trees are being cut, actually more trees are being grown to accommodate more demand from environmentally aware customers like yourself. Our farmers pick up the leaves that are naturally fallen from the tree and hence the plates are considered 100% Natural and Ecofriendly. 

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